Partnership with Ezee Centrix:

  • One Stop PMS/ and Ezee Centrix are for Complete Channel Management needs.
  • Ezee Centrix works with over 20,000 hotels
  • 24/7 support with any conncetion issues.


  • 50 and under rooms is Free and included in price of PMS System.
  • 51 Rooms or more is $10/month.
  • 100 Rooms or more is $20/month

GDS Connectivity:

  • Full GDS Connectivity with Amadeus. $10/month Connection Fee.
  • Additional GDS Costs apply
  • The Amadeus GDS was created as an innovative solution to a common industry problem: the need for efficient sales and travel distribution. Thanks to our technology, substantial investment and our people we've developed the largest network of travel providers and sellers. We have evolved from being a GDS to create a Live Travel Space with the Amadeus Travel Platform at its core.
  • Since 1987 the Amadeus GDS business has facilitated the sales & distribution of travel on a global scale, connecting travel providers (airlines, hotels, car rental, tour operators, etc.) with travel sellers (travel agencies and other intermediaries).

Channel Management:

  • Adjust Rates on different OTA's or just have all in Rate Parity
  • Automatic updates of Rates and Availability on all Channels including booking engine.
  • Hotel's online inventory distribution with real-time updates on 100+ connected OTAs and global distribution systems.
  • OTA's like Booking, Expedia, Agoda, Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotwire, Wot If, CTrip, Last Minute, Priceline, and Air BNB and other vacation rentals
  • What is a Online Channel Manager
Channel Manager and One Stop PMS System Budget Affordable

Instantly Manage all your Distribution Sites from a Single Platform

No matter if it is 2, 10 or 100; perform multiple channel management easily through eZee Centrix.

Efficiently Utilize Complete Hotel Inventory

eZee's channel management software updates all your data in real-time, thereby enabling you to benefit from utilizing your complete inventory online, without the fear of over-bookings.

Automatic Room Rate Updates for Maximum Profit

As per various conditions you set, the distribution channel management system lets you smoothly derive the best room selling rate for maximum profit.

Stop Sale at One Click

At the press of a button, instantly stop the sale of your live inventory on all connected OTAs and global distribution systems.

Foreign Currency Rate Updates

From our inventory distribution channel manager, accept payments in foreign currencies and convert the revenue in local currency.

Make Overbooking a Thing of the Past

Using the latest technology of eZee channel manager, we assure you that the issue of overbooking at your hotel would be a rare phenomenon.

Maintain Rate Parity without any Effort

Keeping the rate parity clauses in mind, our hotel channel management software ensures that all changes are updated in real-time, leaving one in a million chance for errors.

Channel Management Screen Shots

Channel Manager from Ezee Centrix. Will have all Rates, Availability, Booking Designation, Stop Sell, Increase Rate as a Percentage of Rack Rate for Each Channel through PMS Backend with full Integration into Ezee Centrix

Channel Management Myeres PMS

Channel Management from PMS

Display of Reservations via Channel Manager on PMS

Channel Manager Seup with PMS

Channel Manager Setup

Channel Manager Set up on our PMS System

Channel Manager Retrieve Bookings

Channel Manager PMS

Retreive Bookings

Bookings Channel Management

Bookings by OTA or GDS Source

Will only have OTA and GDS.

Channel Logs

Channel Logs

Setup to interface with Channel logs

Channel Mappings

Channel Mapping Summary

Will highlight Rates Mapped and how many Channels

Channel Passwords

Channel Passwords

Easily Update Channel Passwords

Channel Status

Channel Status