• Create a Group Reservation with multiple rooms
  • You can add individual information if you like for each room or leave for Group
  • Block Dates with a cut off date. Inventory will not be held after cut off date.
  • Easily make partial payments, drag rooms, prepaid amounts assigned for Group to block rooms.
  • Create a company.
  • Enter information and negotiated rates based upon occupancey or room types
  • Easily Check In Company Room with name and negotiated rate pop up

Groups & Companies

PMS Group Bookings

Group Bookings

Click on day on Multi Room Group Booking

PMS Group Booking Multiple Rooms

Group Booking Multiple Rooms

Add Multiple Rooms, Assign Rate and Room, Add information for individual room, Block with a cut off date

PMS Companies Settings


Add companies with detailed information

PMS Company Negotiated Rate

Company Rate

Add information and rates based on occupancy or room types

PMS Company Negotiated Rate Check In

Check In Company

Choose Company and Negotiated rate