$7 per month per hotel (2 to 3 hotels)

An Ideal Way To Monitor Your Hotel Competitors
  • In an aggressive and rapidly progressing hospitality industry, keeping an eye on your hotel competitors becomes a necessity rather than a demand. Hotel Rate Shopper Tool will help you do just that.
  • Through not just comparison and performance insights, this online rate shopper tool for your hotel will tell you where you stand amongst your competitors in the market.
  • Use the hotel competition analysis tool to implement effective room rates. Additionally, the yield management feature in One Stop PMS by Myeres.com will help you altering your rates depending on your occupancy.
Track Hotel Performance On OTAs
  • Gather the competitors you want to monitor, and track their current performance on those OTAs, by overseeing the rates extracted from the connected OTAs.
Compare Hotel Rates
  • Easily compare your hotel rates with the market trend, as well as the set of competitors you have defined. Keep a check on your hotel's performance on the connected OTAs.
Monitor Your Hotel Competitors
  • Enlist the hotels which you consider as your competition; and keep a track of the rates they apply on the OTAs along with their occupancy with competitor analysis tool.
Compare Sources
  • Ensure rate parity across all your OTAs by this feature of the Rate Shopper tool, which will let you compare your as well as your competitor's rates on the OTAs.
Analyze Pricing Strategies
  • The hotel rate comparison tool keeps an eye and analyzes your hotel's as well as the market's pricing dynamics; thus helping you to plan further ahead to increase your revenue.
Oversee Rates Of Next 30 days
  • The analysis tool gives you a detailed outlook of your own rates and tracks your hotel competitors' prices over the next 30 days; thereby letting you decide better room rates in real-time.

Rate Management Screen Shots

Rate Shopper Single Hotel

Rate Shopper

Single Hotel

Rate Shopper Compare Hotels

Rate Shopper

Compare Hotels

Rate Shopper Compare Sources

Rate Shopper

Compare Sources