Kiosk with Android or IPad :

  • You can use Android Pad, IPad, or a Touchscreen Monitor. Android Tablets are $89
  • Customer can choose Check Inn or Place New Reservation at front Desk with Pad or Touchscreen
  • Check In will have digital check in and registration along with digital signature and ability to take picture of drivers license/passport.
  • Emv chip machine for $99 to $299 one time cost to get credit card transaction to go through wirelessly with gateway at time of check in on IPad.
  • Once customer is done you can swipe card and give keys. If early check in then card is charged at time of mobile check in
  • Can send out a text/email for Mobile Check in to get customer to sign in on day of check in. Will have a unique number assigned.

Kiosk Digital Registration Screen Shots

Digital Registration Kiosk Manager

Digital Registration

Digital Registration with Existing Reservation. Email, Text, or on IPad at front desk to customer and will fill in when sign in.

Instant Check In Kiosk Manager

Walk In Check In

Walk In Check In with all Digital Registration, Credit Card, Picture Drivers License, Digital Signature

Digital Kiosk Check In Digital Photo Graph

Digital Snap Shot of Identification

Digital Identification for Drivers License and Passport

Kiosk Digital Registration with all information

Digital Signature Kiosk

Digital Signature with Digital Kiosk and all regstration information