Gateway for Credit Cards:

  • Interface with most current banks through Zeamster, Net Authorize, Heartland Gateway $30 to $40/month and 5 to 10 cents per transaction. negotiable with bank.
  • Credit Card Company 2.9% for online and 2.7% for swiped credit cards plus 30 cents per transaction.
  • All rates are negotiable based upon volume.

Android Pad:

  • Buy Android Pad at Walmart or Best Buy for $89.99
  • Use for Digital Registration at front desk and kiosk
  • Pictures for Drivers License
  • Signature for Credit Card Charge
  • Authorization in Gateway.

Pad PMS System

Wireless Credit Card EMV Machine:

  • Cost is $99 tp $299 One Time Fee. You buy it from manufacturer. We will help set up.
  • Connect wirelessly to Pad Device or Laptop

Chip Reader EMV Hardware PMS System

Touchless Connectivity:

  • Cost is $99 to $199 One Time
  • Connect wirelessly to Pad Device or Laptop
Toucless Reader Property management System