Housekeeping/Maintenance :

  • First set up housekeeping users and head house keeper
  • Assign rooms to house keepers in Head House Keeper login
  • You can drag and drop room assignments before finalizing
  • House keeper logs in to assign rooms clean when done or maintenance if a problem on smart phone.
  • Updates front desk PMS
  • Head house keeper can review .
  • Complete logs done with change and time stamp

House Keeping/Maintenance Screen Shots

Housekeeping User

Housekeeping Users

Setup Housekeeping Users and Head Housekeeper

Housekeepers Dashboard

Head House Keepers Dashboard

Assign Status for some rooms or all or Auto Assign

Housekeeping assignment of rooms

Head Housekeeping Drop Down

Head Housekeeping assignment on rooms or auto assign

Head Housekeepers Assignment of rooms

Head Housekeeper Auto Assignment

Head House Keeper assignment of rooms

Auto Assignment of Rooms

Assignment of Rooms

Auto Assign and then drag and drop rooms to change with House Keeper

Individual House Keeping Log In

Assigned House keeper login

House keeper logs in on smart phone to see room assignments

Assigning Room Status

Assignment of Status

Can make assignments on room

Update multiple Rooms on Do Not Rent

Do Not Rent Rooms

Update multiple rooms withwith rentable and do not rent status

Maintenance Work Orders

Work Orders

Maintenance and Work Orders switch open to close